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Polybound for Architects

Architects across the UK enjoy the wide range, exceptional quality, and excellent service and delivery offered by PolyBound on residential and commercial projects.

We’re on top of all the latest trends, with full stock of wall coverings and stone carpets, as well as our much-loved resin bound, resin bonded, and rubber surfacing – with all the latest colours and textures ready and waiting too.

Why Specify Resin Bound?

We’ve seen the difference between using the right products and settling for something else… Then there are the customer reactions, and the difference those products could make to our work, our referrals and repeat business, and our success.

We had dealt with every level of customer service too – from contact centres and ordering systems to stock availability and delivery, and when we wrote that business plan the very first objective was to provide the best service and to keep improving on that.

Another important objective was that every member of our team must share extensive knowledge and experience, and be committed to helping our customers get what they need to grow their own businesses. You’ll get to know our team, even if you’re only clicking online, and we’ll be there to help with whatever you need.

Sublime Stone Carpets

One of our favourite trends, stone carpets are bringing the durability and design flexibility of resin bound surfaces indoors in a premium, marble-based alternative.

Residential, retail, corporate and industrial spaces are looking sharp thanks to the easy maintenance and long-lasting looks of these blends, which can be made water-resistant and UV-resistant.

Stone carpeting is available in a range of natural tones to complement every contemporary space perfectly.

Our expert team is here to help. Want to know more about our products, installations, maintenance, or opening an account? Let’s chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get a delivery?

Our full range of products are kept in stock. We offer next day delivery nationwide, direct to your storage or project site.

Where do the products come from?

We have sourced suppliers across the UK and Europe to ensure that we provide the latest products, the best quality and best prices every time.

Will I need special tools with these products?

In many cases, using specialist tools will help create a better result. Speak to our expert team about what you need for your project.

Can I get a discount for bulk orders?

For bulk orders or for trade – why not open a trade account and take advantage of the great benefits of our PolyBound Trade Club.

Why open an account?

A PolyBound account gives you access to a dedicated account manager, as well as special deals and offers, finance options, early access to new products and information, and our top tier of service any time you need us.

What size surface can a resin bound kit cover?

Each PolyBound kit will cover a maximum of 4m² at 15mm depth, or 3.5m² at an 18mm depth. This is based on laying on a smooth surface and does not take into account surface texture or wastage. We recommend that an extra 10% of materials are ordered as the system is hand trowelled and provisions need to be taken for undulations in the base.

If I’m installing a new base, what should I do?

If a new base is required and you haven’t installed one previously, we advise seeking expert advice for that specific surface. We usually recommend either tarmac or concrete construction, but this will depend on the details of each project.

Which is better – a resin bound or resin bonded surface?

Resin bound surfaces are permeable, making them more eco-friendly and resistant to puddles and ice. Resin bonded surfaces are non-permeable and are best suited to low-traffic areas.

Are your rubber mulch and rubber chipping products child-friendly?

Yes, they are! Our PolyBounce products have been specially developed for play areas and safe surfaces. They’re non-toxic, impact absorbent, and the bright colours will make kids and grown-ups smile.

What is stone carpet?

A top trend on the architecture and interior design scene, these durable indoor stone surfaces are perfect for residential, retail, corporate and industrial spaces.