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Kiln Dried Resin Bonded Kit – White Winter Quartz, 1-3mm | 30sqm

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Transform your outdoor space with our Winter Quartz DIY Resin Bonded Kit with natural bright, light colours which include flecks of cream, yellow and grey, adorned with angular stones. Achieve a stunning gravel-like appearance without the hassle of migrating stones.


Crafted to perfection, this resin bonded system delivers a textured surface that offers exceptional grip – perfect for areas like disabled ramps where safety is paramount. However, please note that this bonded system isn’t permeable, so adequate drainage must be in place. Over time, excessive wear may result in the loosening of some surface stones.


Each kit includes a 2-part polyurethane resin and ample 1-3mm kiln-dried aggregate, enough to cover approximately 10m2. Mixing the resin is a breeze with a paddle whisk, and application is smooth using a serrated squeegee (find it in our tools section).


For concrete surfaces, don’t forget to use our primer, available in our Resins & Binders section, before applying the kit.


The best part? You don’t need extensive tools or experience to create a stunning, non-slip decorative finish for your patio or walkway. Keep in mind that this product isn’t suitable for driveways due to modern power steering and its non-permeable nature.


Revitalize your outdoor space today with our Winter Quartz DIY Resin Bonded Kit!


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