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Natural Marble Aggregate – Bluish Grey Azulado – Spanish Marble, 1-6mm 24sqm

✅ Wide range of colours and textures – find the look that’s perfect for every space

✅ Exceptional quality and durability

✅ Eco-friendly – 100% natural stones and gravel

✅ Perfect for PolyMarble internal stone carpets, – driveways, patios, pathways and much more

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Make a statement with Bluish Grey marble blend, characterised by cool, muted tones and striking patterns that add depth and sophistication to any environment. Discover unparalleled quality and craftsmanship with our exclusive line of marble blends, meticulously crafted to elevate any space. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail:

Semi-Rounded Finish: Our blends receive an exclusive production process, each stone is meticulously polished to achieve a semi-rounded finish. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures a Class 3 slip rating and exceptional smoothness during application.

100% Natural Materials: We pride ourselves on using only 100% natural raw materials, ethically sourced from Spain. Free from any chemicals or dyes, our marble blends retain their natural beauty and integrity over time.

Ready for Use: Our aggregates are delivered in pristine condition, ready for immediate use. With ideal humidity and cleanliness levels guaranteed, they seamlessly integrate with resins for effortless application.

Mechanical Drying: Our aggregates go through a drying system that maintains humidity levels below 0.7%.

Exhaustive Washing: Our marble goes through a  double washing system ensures thorough removal of dirt from the raw material, essential for optimal product performance when mixed with resins.

Selection of Streaks and Batches: Each batch undergoes a meticulous selection process to ensure uniformity within streaks. This meticulous categorisation prevents any unsightly colour variations, ensuring a flawless application every time.

Elevate your design with Polybound’s marble blends, where quality meets excellence in every stone.

Each 4m2 Kit Contains 1x 25KG 1-3mm & 3x 3-6mm bags of marble aggregate as well as 7.5KGs of UVR resin.


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