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Rust/Iron Remover


Versatile Use: Effective indoors and outdoors, it starts working upon application, visibly attacking stains within minutes.
Rapid Rust Removal: Swiftly eliminates rust stains from concrete, natural stone, and resin-bound surfaces.
Safe and Simple: Acid-free and pH-neutral, it’s easy to apply and wash off, ensuring surface safety.


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For Concrete & Natural Stone surfaces, resin bound surfaces, this product swiftly eliminates rust stains, regardless of their origin, be it iron-containing fertilisers, metal garden furniture, or leaking heating systems.

Its efficacy extends to both outdoor areas like patios, driveways, and walls, as well as indoor surfaces. The rapid-acting formula initiates rust removal upon application, visibly attacking and neutralising stains within minutes. Its acid-free, PH-neutral composition ensures the safety of natural stone and concrete surfaces, leaving them unharmed post-application.


Key Features:

  • Fast acting formula
  • ready to use
  • Simply brush and wash off
  • Suitable for concrete and natural stone


Directions for use:

  •  Generously apply neat to a dry surface and work in with a brush.
  •  Allow to work for about 5 min, 10 minutes maximum. Do not allow the product to dry.
  •  After working time, rinse off with plenty of water.
  •  Important: working time must not exceed 10 minutes.
  •  Repeat the procedure if required. Some stone & concrete may change colour after treatment.


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